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Hideo Kojima made a special appearance on Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live event today. I mean, is that really a surprise to anybody? During a brief interview with Keighley, Kojima briefly talked about how things were going in Japan (they have a State of Emergency), and his future projects (he didn't say much but referenced 9/11?). He also showed off a new trailer.

What is that trailer? Well, it's for Death Stranding Director's Cut, which is planned for release on the PlayStation 5 at some point. The trailer reveal sure as hell went in hard with the Metal Gear Solid references. Like... really hard.

Once you get over that whole Metal Gear thing, you may be left wondering: Why does a game that was made by Hideo Kojima, from a studio that bears his name (Kojima Productions), even need a director's cut anyway? Wouldn't the original release already be a director's cut? Yes, but also no? What's new in this upcoming release? I dunno. Nobody has said yet.

All we've heard is that this release will be "expanded and remastered."

In fact, nobody has said if this will cost money, and if so, how much it'll cost. Nobody knows if this will ever hit other platforms. So yeah, this was a typical Hideo Kojima announcement today right down to the fact everyone is just left scratching their heads afterwards.