Cuddle up with Garrus or Tali.
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BioWare has restocked a couple of their hottest selling items this past week. The items in questions are none other than body pillow cases for both Garrus Vakarian and Tali'Zorah. Buy one, buy both! We won't judge.

Each pillow case is $35 (USD). They both feature two sides with different poses on each side. Some really keen fans will know that Garrus is a returning item while Tali is brand new for this go around. The cases are made of 100% polyester satin and measure 20" x 54" (50.8cm x 137.16cm). As these are just the cases being sold, you will need to purchase the pillow separately, unless you already have one. Again, not judging.

Maybe if these sell well, we'll one day get the body pillow case we're all waiting for: Wrex.

Catch some Z’s with Garrus Vakarian when you put this cover on your body pillow.

One side lets you meet his gaze as he lies on his back with his head on his hand. The other side has him curled up on his side for when you want to spoon. Both artworks feature him in the same sleepwear.

Settle into Garrus’ embrace or wrap him snugly in yours. You might even imagine him whispering sweet nothings into your ear like, “Your waist is very supportive.” or “Let’s sleep in. Those calibrations can wait.” One can dream, right? Especially with a pillow case like this!

Check your room for spiders and get ready to sing your heart out to Fleet and Flotilla. Tali’s sleeping over. Maybe grab some antibiotics, too.

This body pillow case features two images of her. On one side, she’s lying on her back, dreaming about her homeworld. On the other, she’s somewhat on her side—and you can just imagine her telling you stories about Rannoch’s sky and rock formations until you fall asleep. Or she could rant about Bosh’tets all evening. It’s all music to our ears.