Age of Empires IV Releases October 28


  • Age of Empires IV Releases October 28

    Pre-orders are open right now.
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    The next chapter in the whole empire building strategy series will arrive on October 28. That's right Age of Empires IV will be released on PC via Windows 10, Steam, and through Game Pass.

    More on this game was shown off during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase during E3 2021. This release features two new launch civilizations, a new campaign, naval combat, and Joan of Arc.

    The studios of Relic and World's Edge have said that players will be able to choose from the English, Mongols, Chinese, and Delhi Sultanate at launch. E3 also showed off two additional civilizations: The Abbasid Dynasty and the French. Mon dieu.

    The Abbasid Dynasty focuses on technology and utilizes their unique landmark of the House of Wisdom. Their unique units include Camel Archers and Riders. On the flip side are the French, who thrive in trade thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and Royal Institute landmarks. Their unique units are the Royal Knights.

    Making a heroic appearance in the trailer is French heroine and icon Joan of Arc, who also has a starring role in the game’s key art. Teenage Joan rallied her country and led armies into battle against the occupying English. Age of Empires II fans fell in love with Joan in the title’s campaign and the development teams are excited to see her return.
    Pre-orders are currently available for Age of Empires IV. You can either hit up the Windows Store or Steam to pre-order at $59.99 (USD).

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