Expect the show to run for about 40 minutes.
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Nintendo will host a near 40-minute long E3 2021 event on June 15, 2021. This E3 branded Nintendo Direct will begin at 12PM (ET). Afterwards, Nintendo will host a live Nintendo Tree House event that will run for about 3 hours and feature plenty of gameplay footage and probably some interviews.

Nintendo didn't really say much else besides giving the time. As such, we really don't know what we'll be given a look at during the show. However, fans are probably hoping for updated looks at The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, maybe Metroid Prime 4. Hell, maybe we'll even get a look at Bayonetta 3 as it's been in development for at least the last four years now.

There is also a chance we'll get some information, an announcement, or even a deeper look at the rumored Switch Pro. It's actually entirely possible that the Nintendo Direct will be a major showcase of Switch Pro games following a console reveal as early as this week. Over the past few days, a few online retailers have supposedly leaked listings for the unannounced console with prices set to 399.00 (EUR; ~$487 USD).