A trio of familiar faces is coming to the 4v1 survival game.
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Starting June 15, Dead by Daylight will have one more game franchise tie-in to entice fans. Previously, we saw crossovers hit Dead by Daylight such as Silent Hill and even Stranger Things. Now, it's time for Resident Evil to join the fray.

Dead by Daylight players will get to partake in the "Resident Evil Chapter" in the 4v1 survival horror game. This new Resident Evil themed content includes Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine as selectable survivors. If you choose to play as the monster, you will be able to select the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. The new content also includes a map based on the Raccoon City Police Department, which will be nearly identical in layout to 2019's Resident Evil 2 Remake. Zombies will also show up throughout the map as AI-controlled enemies.

Both Nemesis and the zombies will be able to infect the survivors with the T-Virus. This causes survivors to cough or vomit, making sound and alerting foes to their location.

Included below is the Nemesis announcement trailer. Below that is the full reveal livestream that aired earlier. The segment talking about the Resident Evil Chapter begins at 50:49 and includes tons of additional gameplay footage, including a look at the RCPD map.

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