I mean, it's not actually confirmed as exclusive or anything but c'mon.
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There have been some recent leaks of Starfield popping up on social media and compiled into a Reddit thread. They aren't terribly hard to find but they're also not terribly interesting either. This prompted some fresh discussion from GamesBeat's own Jeff Grubb.

According to Grubb, he is putting his foot down, his fist down, maybe even his whole body down and claiming that Starfield is exclusive to the Xbox and PC platforms. This just makes sense given that Microsoft now owns Bethesda. It also makes more sense when you realize that Starfield release platforms were never announced before. So, the joke is really on anybody that had assumed it was coming to the PlayStation platform.

Of course, this isn't an official announcement or anything. It's just the strong assumption of a journalist and insider. You can believe it or not.