It's actually quite easy.
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Capcom has been busy promoting Resident Evil Village through a series of time limited demos on all platforms. They started first with the PlayStation platform with two separate 30-minute long demos. Now, the demos are available as a package deal across all platforms, but the time limit is still in place. This means that you have just 60-minutes to complete the two segments of the demo. Once you hit that 60 minute mark, that's it. You can no longer play the demo despite it being available until May 9th.

Of course, PC players aren't exactly known for just letting things like that slide. As such, some users have found a fairly easy way to bypass the demo's 60-minute long timer allowing you to take your time and really soak up all of that gothic setting.

The method that's being shared on the Steam forums does involve the use of SAM or Steam Achievement Manager. This software is a bit questionable as to how safe it is to use, so maybe just keep that in mind if you feel like bypassing the demo timer.

  1. Disable Steam Cloud for RE8 Demo
  2. Download Steam SAM (Steam Achievement Manager)
  3. Delete Local Savefiles (Located: D:\Steam\userdata\<YOUR STEAM ID>\1541780\remote\win64_save\)
  4. Start Steam SAM
  5. Select RE8 Demo
  6. Remove Achievements and Stats, confirm.