Because who thought a 24-hour window was a good idea?
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A couple of weeks ago, we shared news about Capcom's confusing plans for upcoming Resident Evil Village demo periods. There were two demo periods for the PlayStation platform and then all platforms were going to get a combined demo release at a later date. And well, it was just a big and confusing mess.

Originally, the multiplatform demo release was only going to be available for a period of 24 hours, because of some arbitrary reason. Thankfully, Capcom went and had a little rethink about this and have decided to extend the demo from a single day to a full week. Of course, there is still a restriction of one hour of play time, but you can play that hour at any point throughout the week instead of trying to squeeze it into a 24-hour window.

At any rate, this extension is far better than the window of just 8 hours PlayStation owners had to play two 30-minute demos these past couple of weeks.

The final demo for Resident Evil Village will now run from May 1 at 5PM (PT) to May 9 at 5PM.