Cutting back the "ass" in Mass Effect.
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There will be a lot less emphasis on butts in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition remasters. In speaking with Metro, character environment director Kevin Meek said that BioWare is taking steps to deemphasize the T&A in some scenes. If you were someone that played the original releases, you may recall some specific scenes that had camera angles focused on mostly ass. Expect that to change in Legendary Edition, at least to some degree.

BioWare is also making some tweaks to improve female Shepard's animations and model work to be "more on par with male Shepard." In the original releases FemShep had some instances where certain scenes looked odd or emphasized parts of her body that weren't meant to be emphasized, so to speak. In places where animations cannot be changed, they will instead change the camera angle to be a bit more flattering to the subject.

Specifically around the animations, we couldn't really change a lot of those, but there were times where you could change the camera to not focus on one of those animations. So a male Shepherd animation would have him sitting with his legs quite wide open with a low camera where, if you were wearing a skirt, it would be a bit unflattering. So we can't necessarily change that animation, but you can raise that camera up slightly to reduce the problem."
Now, what about those gratuitous butt shots, specifically when talking to Miranda? Well, those are also getting changed up a bit in the remasters. Project director Mac Walters admits that a lot of the cutscene direction in the games took away from the narrative aspect and put the focus on the anatomy instead.

"Kevin actually called out some camera cuts that were just… why was that focusing on Miranda's butt? So in some cases we said, 'Okay, we can make a change there.' But ultimately, to change an entire character model or something like that wasn’t really... It was a decision that was made as part of many creative decisions and just showing it at the best possible fidelity that we could going forward is really the choice for all of the art that we had."
The usual corners of the Internet are already crying out "CENSORSHIP" or something along those lines. These changes really are not that big of a deal here. In fact, as Den of Geek points out, they make a lot of sense in the context of the lore.

After all, part of Miranda’s arc as a character involved her battling the fact that she was genetically altered to achieve a perfect physical form. It kind of ruins the moment when you’re hearing a character confess their struggles with the idea that they’re defined in the minds of their peers because of their physical form rather than their accomplishments when the camera is unreasonably focused on their butt.
Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be released on May 14 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.