For the first time in literally years, the DLC for Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age II, and Dragon Age: Origins have appeared for sale on Origin. To be more specific, the DLC is available for sale in bundles for each game. Hey, it's still a step up from being only able to buy the DLC through BioWare using their BioWare Points. Who thought that was a smart thing to keep doing when Origin has been around for years? How did it literally take years for this to happen?! And why can you still not buy the DLC items separately?! UGH!

The Mass Effect 2 DLC Bundle is going for $24.99 (USD) through Origin.
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The Mass Effect 3 DLC Bundle is a bit more at $29.99.
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The Dragon Age: Origins DLC Bundle is back down to just $24.99.

And finally, the Dragon Age II DLC Bundle is also out this week for $24.99. Maybe in another six or seven years, we'll be able to buy these DLC pieces separately instead of just in a bundle.