Fixes stuttering in Avengers, a BSOD issue, and more.
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Nvidia released a new hotfix driver (460.97) to users that attempts to address a handful of outstanding bugs. One of the big issues addressed with this driver hotfix is a BSOD issue that would impact laptop users when waking their devices from sleep when connected to an external monitor.

This seems to be a long running issue, dating back a good couple of years on Nvidia's own support forum. If you are experiencing a BSOD when waking from sleep on a desktop, this (probably) isn't the driver update for you.

This driver hotfix also includes fixes for a stuttering issue with Marvel's Avengers. It also addresses incorrect black levels for those who make use of HDR in their daily gaming outings.

You can find download links for the 460.97 hotfix over at the Nvidia Support site. Please note that if you aren't experiencing any of the following issues, you may as well just wait for the next non-hotfix release to update your drivers.

The hotfix addresses the following issues:
  • Some apps that use NVML may not detect GPU [3200758]
  • Stutter may be observed with some configurations in Marvel's Avengers [3197999]
  • Lenovo Y740 may display corruption on waking from sleep [3178279]
  • Some notebooks may BSOD when waking from sleep while connected to external monitor via dock/dongle [3162411]
  • With HDR enabled, black levels are incorrect. [200682795]