Plus, get an extra $10 discount coupon.
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The 2020 Epic Games Store Holiday Sale is now live. The sale offers discounts of up to 80% off of regular prices and also includes the return of the unlimited $10 off coupons. You get one free $10 off coupon to begin with and you will keep getting them for each purchase you make. These coupons can be applied to any game or item that is $15 or more.

In addition to these coupons and savings, there are also 15 days of free video games to earn. We talked about these already in a previous news post. We don't know what all of the free games are, but we do know what you can get today. Today, you can get the fantastic Cities: Skylines city building game for free! You have less than 24-hours from now to add Cities: Skylines to your account, so be sure to act fast. A new game will take its place tomorrow.

If you're looking for something from the Epic Games Store, may I suggest that you make use of Epic creator code "zips" at checkout? It helps me out by helping the site out should we need additional funding for hosting or other odds and ends. It has already proven to be useful a few times already.

Some specific games that you may want to check out include (all are affiliate links):Plus keep in mind that you can apply the $10 off coupon to most of the games listed above. For instance, that would make Death Stranding just $20 instead of $30.

The 2020 Holiday Sale for the Epic Games Store runs from now through to January 7, 2021.