The latest from Bungie.

In a letter to players, Destiny 2 assistant game director Joe Blackburn, provided a ton of details on what the company is looking to address in the upcoming Seasons of content. Among some of the many quality of life changes and content changes is the fact that crossplay will be coming to the game in 2021.

This will allow players across all platforms to play together in the game's PvP or PvE game modes.

In addition to this announcement of crossplay, Blackburn outlines some of the other list of things that are on the way for Destiny 2, year 4. These include the ability to transmog your gear. This will be coming in Season 14. Sample images of a work-in-progress for the transmog can be found below.

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On top of this, there will be better DDOS protections put in place for Destiny 2 players on all consoles. The Vault of Glass raid will be returning. There will be two strikes coming back from Destiny 1. These are Fallen S.A.B.E.R. and Devil's Lair. We also learned that Legendary and Master Lost Sector rotation will be expanded to include Lost Sectors on the Moon in Season 13.

Season 13 will also see the addition of six new Legendary weapons to the ritual activities. These include two each for strikes, Gambit, and Crucible. Nightfall strikes will also get three unique weapons that include The Palindrome, The Swarm, and Shadow Price. Adapt versions of these weapons will be offered to those that can complete the Grandmaster Nightfall difficulty.

Plenty of additional details on what Bungie is doing to address some of the loot issues can be found in their latest developer update.