V is very photogenic.
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Video games and photo modes. Name a more iconic duo. You can't, can you? I thought not. It should be obvious then that a game as pretty and as dystopian as Cyberpunk 2077 would also have a photo mode included.

This photo mode was revealed to players today by way of a new video, seen below. In it, a developer at CD Projekt Red shows off some of what you can accomplish with the built-in photo mode. You can change poses, adjust the position of V, change facial expressions, and more.

The video isn't exactly the most in-depth thing out there as far as Cyberpunk 2077 media is concerned. However, it gets the job done. In addition to being able to pose V, you can adjust other aspects of the scene and composition. This includes being able to tweak things like the amount of chromatic aberration, the depth of field, vignette, adding effects, and more. You can even throw some stickers on top of your masterpieces.