It's not quite XIII-2, but it's close.

On November 10, a remake of XIII will be released. Fans of the original inked-styled FPS with David Duchovny will be happy to hear that plenty of visuals improvements have been made in addition to some modernization of the game. XIII will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and will include local multiplayer at launch. A Nintendo Switch release is planned for 2021.

Microids and PlayMagic have remade the cel-shaded FPS from 2003 where you play as XIII, a man who lost his memory and is trying to uncover his past. He's also waist deep in shedding light on "the most astounding conspiracy in the history of the United States." Whoa, sounds intense. The game combines action and stealth across 34 levels that are faithful to the original design.

Given the release date, we wish XIII the best of luck on its launch. Something tells me it's going to need it given what it's going up against this week.

With the power of a modern 3D engine, all of the game’s visual elements have been enhanced by a brand-new art direction whilst respecting the original material and its iconic stylish cel-shaded look. XIII’s detailed arsenal is also guaranteed to please the most demanding players and is delivered with gameplay improvements to surprise the veteran gamers familiar with the original game.

Finally, compete in up to 4 player split screen battles. Watch the launch trailer for a first glance at the local multiplayer mode.