Straight from the mouth of Brad Sams.
Xbox Series S

Brad Sams, the golden boy when it comes to gaming leaks, just leaked what is very probably the Xbox Series S aka: Lockhart. The Series S has been a long-rumored "baby brother" to the upcoming Xbox Series X that has been all but confirmed by Microsoft at this point.

Sams says that the Xbox Series S is expected to be announced "sometime soon" but he's just going to go and share the design right now. Because screw it! It's a holiday. It's 10PM at night. What better time than right now to reveal this massive leak, right? Right!

Sams believes that the Series S will retail for $299 (USD), but it needs to be noted that the price is not final. The design apparently is final for the Xbox Series S. Going by the controller propped up next to it, it looks to be a rather tiny bundle of hardware there, especially when compared to the Xbox Series X tower and the monolith that is the PlayStation 5.

As Sams also points out, we do not yet know the release date for either this console or the Xbox Series X. Expect some official announcements from Microsoft to be forthcoming very soon though.

Also, you're welcome to classify this as a rumor because that is essentially what this is. However, the track record for Sams has been damn near spotless and there would be very little reason to believe this was anything but the real deal.