Faster load times for those with NVMe SSDs.
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The DirectX developer blog was updated with details on a project that they're calling DirectStorage. This will be a new feature coming to those who have NVMe SSDs on their Windows' machines. With this system, DirectStorage supported games will have "vastly reduced load times." The devs at DirectX are currently working with partners in order to finish the API for DirectStorage.

This almost sounds like a response to the insanely fast load times that next-gen consoles will have at their disposal as early as the end of this year.

The aim is to get a preview of DirectStroage out to game developers some time in 2021. A more technical explanation of the system can be found below.

Unfortunately, current storage APIs were not optimized for this high number of IO requests, preventing them from scaling up to these higher NVMe bandwidths creating bottlenecks that limit what games can do. Even with super-fast PC hardware and an NVMe drive, games using the existing APIs will be unable to fully saturate the IO pipeline leaving precious bandwidth on the table.

That’s where DirectStorage for PC comes in. This API is the response to an evolving storage and IO landscape in PC gaming. DirectStorage will be supported on certain systems with NVMe drives and work to bring your gaming experience to the next level. If your system doesn’t support DirectStorage, don’t fret; games will continue to work just as well as they always have.