As show during the Xbox Games Showcase.
The Medium

A new trailer was shown off today during the Xbox Games Showcase for Bloober Team's The Medium. This game will take players on a journey between the physical and the spirit worlds as you play as Marianne, a medium "hounded by visions."

Despite showing up on the Xbox Games Showcase, The Medium is not exclusive to the Xbox Series X. It will also be released on the PC at the same time this Holiday season. It's slated to release for $49.99 (USD) and can already be pre-purchased for both the Xbox Series X and PC via Steam.

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In the new dual-reality trailer of The Medium, first seen live during the Microsoft Xbox Series X game showcase event, players can explore both the physical and spirit world realities displayed at the same time in the body of Marianne, a medium hounded by visions, living and interacting, across two worlds: the real and the spirit world. Throughout the trailer, Marianne’s movement through both worlds is controlled by a single analogue stick, while using different interactions between each of the worlds to solve puzzles and explore various paths. Viewers can also catch a glimpse of how Marianne in the Spirit World has different abilities than the real-world Marianne, including an ability called Out of Body.

The Medium renders two fully-fledged and visually distinct worlds simultaneously with no loading screens. Having access to both worlds gives a unique perspective to the tension-fueled, psychological horror game as the dual-reality gameplay with this visual fidelity only being possible on next-gen hardware.