Crysis makes first ever appearance on a Nintendo platform.
Crysis Remastered

It may have taken just 13 years, but Crysis has finally appeared on a Nintendo platform. Crytek today launched Crysis Remastered on the Nintendo Switch. It offers most of the thrills and action from the original game but with some changes (good and bad) to the overall look and feel of the game. This release was developed alongside Saber Interactive and can be yours for just $29.99 (USD) from the Nintendo eShop.

The game still allows you to swap between suit abilities on the fly as the situation dictates. If you need to get from point A to point B in a hurry? Engage "Maximum Speed" on your suit. Under heavy fire? Maximum Armor is your best friend. Want to punch a car into a building and have it explode? Maximum Strength is your go to option.

New to the Switch release are features like upgraded textures, depth of field, per object and movement motion blur, better dynamic lighting, global illumination via SVOGI, and gyro aiming. If you are wondering how a game like Crysis holds up on the Switch, Digital Foundry did a deep dive into the performance and graphical changes made to the game. They compare the Switch version to the last-gen console ports of the game along with comparisons to the original PC release. Their comparison is well worth checking out.

Crysis Remastered is also in development for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. However, these versions have been delayed until a later date.

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“We are really excited to be bringing Crysis to players on a whole new platform. This will be Crysis’ first time on a Nintendo console, as well as its first time on a handheld, and we think Switch players are going to love it,” said Crytek CEO Avni Yerli. “Crysis has always been a special title for us, and this release is a celebration of the passion the Crysis community has continued to bring to the franchise since its release.”

“The original Crysis was known for hardware-melting graphics, so bringing Crysis to the Switch has been a fun and challenging project,” said Andrey Jones, COO of Saber Interactive. “Our team also brought The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to Nintendo Switch last year, and that experience in combination with the power of the CRYENGINE are what made the whole thing possible.”