Free for those that own the original Superhot.
SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete

July 16 will be the day that the SUPERHOT Team releases their new non-VR game entitled Superhot: Mind Control Delete. This game will be released on Steam, Humble, Epic Games Store, GOG, Origin, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch release is also happening but not until a later date.

This game started out as some free DLC That eventually grew beyond its britches and has since turned into kind of its own thing. The game promises to deliever "hours and hours and hours and hours of new and expanded SUPERHOT gameplay."

Now, the standalone release of Superhot: Mine Control Delete will be available for purchase for $24.99 (USD). However, if you already own Superhot, you can get Mind Control Delete for FREE! If you purchased a copy of Superhot prior to July 16, 2020, you are eligible for a free copy of the game. Details on how you can get your free copy are shared via this very handy FAQ.

Who is eligible for a free copy of SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE?
You’re eligible for a free copy of MCD if you purchased SUPERHOT before the 16th of July 2020 for Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Epic Games Store, Origin, or GOG. This does not extend to major free giveaways like Twitch Prime, Games With Gold, and similar.

Basically, if you purchased SUPERHOT for one of the supported platforms and paid money for it at any time before the 16th of July 2020, then you’re probably a fantastic human being and you’re eligible for a free copy of SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE. How you acquire your free copy varies from platform to platform – see details below.

How can I redeem my free copy if I purchased SUPERHOT on Steam?
A free copy of MIND CONTROL DELETE will be added automatically to your library immediately after the release, ready to download and enjoy. It won’t hurt to go and wishlist it while you wait though: link.
That is the short of it, but there are many additional answers provided in that FAQ. Specifically, each platform has their own methods for acquiring the free copy of the game. If you are on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, the Epic Games Store, etc. then it would behoove you to read the rest of the answers provided on that page.

The Superhot Team says that Superhot: Mind Control Delete is roughly four times larger than the original Superhot. It retains the stylized slow-motion combat that fans loved from the original game but expands upon it in a variety of ways.

MIND CONTROL DELETE gives you more insight into the world of SUPERHOT, more story, more signature gameplay. What started as a free DLC is now something significantly MORE:
  • Much (Much) Bigger than its predecessors. MCD immerses you in its world for days of increasingly explosive slow-motion combat. MCD is over 4x the size of SUPERHOT.
  • More Mechanics at your disposal than ever before. Master different play styles, different character builds, different ways to outsmart and dominate your enemies.
  • More Power to accumulate as you progress through the game. Amass new skills, new hacks, special techniques to conquer waves of ever more dangerous enemies.
  • More Characters for you to control and more enemies to fight. Test your arsenal of tricks and weapons against increasingly deadlier, smarter foes.
  • More Shiny Polish applied over nearly four years of Early Access development. MCD offers a more refined, sharper, special flashier experience than any SUPERHOT so far.