Changes being made to improve gameplay.
Someday You'll Return

The newly released Someday You'll Return has been updated in an effort to cut some content from the final game. You read that correctly. The game's developers at CBE Software have actually removed some content from the game in order to improve the overall gameplay. The game was released on May 5, 2020 after having been delayed from its planned April release.

Though the exact amount of content was not specified, CBE Software says that they made the decision to remove "hours" of gameplay content based on initial responses from customers. They say that this move was done in an effort to improve the overall experience "while maintaining the taught, narrative-driven horror that fans loved."

“After reading feedback from our customers, it became clear to us that some parts of the game, mostly in the second half, were not enjoyed as we had expected them to be. We took a hard look at the game and asked ourselves how we could make it better. While it is very important for us to remain true to our vision for the game, we felt if there were ways we could make improvements without compromise, we should do this even if it means sacrificing months of hard work.

We realized that some of the content and puzzles were not adding any value to the main game story. It is very important to us that our players have the best game experience, so after careful consideration we cut away hours of superfluous content, making the game better as a whole. Ingenious explorers out there shouldn’t worry, though, as they would still be able to access some of the “missing” areas by careful exploration and doing additional tasks well off the beaten path.

One of the features some players didn’t enjoy was stealth. To aid those players who dislike stealth, we’ve added a new, in-game potion called “Devil’s Pact”. This potion turns the player almost invisible to enemies during stealth sequences. Now players who dislike stealth sequences can drink the potion and through them easily, while players who enjoy being stealthy can keep playing the original version. We strongly believe that offering this choice is the best option for both types of players."

- Jan Kavan, CBE Software co-founder.
This is an incredibly unusual situation for any game to be in. While there may be some users (and members of the development team) that are probably upset by the move, if it makes the overall experience better than it seems like the right move was made.

Someday You'll Return is available right now on Steam for $34.99 (USD). Interestingly enough, the game's user scores are sitting at a "mostly positive" average prior to this change.

About Someday You'll Return
Someday You’ll Return takes place in scenic areas of the Czech Republic, with well known landmarks to capture the atmosphere of its Bohemian nature. Using a typical Czech forest setting, which is different from Scandinavian or American forests, creates a unique mood for players. The referenced locations and mythos in the game are ancient with some of the tales in Someday You’ll Return dating back to the 9th century.

In Game Mechanics:
  • Crafting
  • Herbalism
  • Smartphone interactions
  • Karmic system (your actions have consequences which can influence the story’s ending)
  • Climbing
  • Tracking
  • Stealth