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Resident Evil 3 - Jill

The remake for Resident Evil 3 is about ready for release. On April 3, fans new and old will try their best to survive and escape the undead filled streets of Raccoon City. Players will lead Jill Valentine against all sorts of horrors, none bigger than the ever present Nemesis.

A demo for Resident Evil 3 is currently available to try out. Give that a go and check out the new trailer below to get some deeper insight on Jill Valentine. Also, Capcom revealed today that Jill will also be playable in Resident Evil Resistance, the asymmetrical multiplayer game included with every copy of Resident Evil 3. Though she won't be included at launch, Jill be added to Resistance in a future update for the game.

The beta for Resistance was supposed to start today, but it seems as though the PlayStation 4 and PC versions are delayed while some technical issues are sorted out. Xbox players are supposedly not impacted by these issues.