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Shenmue III story DLC

The overarching story in the Shenmue franchise may not be completed for a little while still. Heck, it may not ever be completed since it seems the fate of this franchise perpetually hangs by a thread.

Shenmue III only took players to maybe Chapter 8 or 9 of a planned 11 chapter story. If nothing else, fans should be thankful that series creator Yu Suzuki scaled back the scope of the franchise. It was initially slated to run for 16 chapters but was mercifully scaled back as planning began for Shenmue III. Shenmue III also failed to live up to the expectations of those who weren't already fans of the previous games.

While a Shenmue IV may never happen, fans will get a tiny bonus nugget of new story as early as tomorrow. On February 18, the "Story Quest Pack" will be released as DLC for Shenmue III. This DLC will see Ryo crossing paths "with a familiar face from the past Zhang Shugin." They get into some wacky hijinks where "nothing is as it seems..." That certainly sounds intriguing enough.

Interestingly enough, the announcement for this Story Quest Pack says that this is "an exciting new chapter." Is it a real chapter in the Shenmue franchise? Or did they just mean it as more of a generic term because there is new content to play through? Nobody knows! Maybe they'll finish this story off through DLC, though I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.

This Story Quest Pack will be available to purchase separately at release on February 18. It will be available through either the PlayStation Store or through the Epic Games Store. Speaking of the Epic Games Store, you can currently purchase Shenmue III only through the Epic Games Store for the PC release, so why not use my EGS affiliate link if you simply cannot wait for the exclusivity period to end?

If you don't want to purchase the Story Quest Pack on its own, you can also pick it up through the Complete DLC Collection. This is essentially a Shenmue III Season Pass in everything but name. For $14.99, you are purchasing all of the post-release DLC at once. This pack also includes the "Battle Rally" DLC that came out on January 21.

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