Plus save up to 40% for a limited time.

From Thursday, February 13 at 10AM (PT) until Monday, February 17 at 10AM (PT), you can download and play DayZ for free. All you need to do is head on over to the DayZ page on Steam and install the game from there. Obviously the download button isn't there yet, but it will be there starting on Thursday when Steam refreshes.

As is the case with all of these free weekends on Steam, there is going to be a discount on the game. The discount will be 40% off of the base game. There will also be a 10% discount on the recently released Livonia DLC. This is all just in case you want to keep playing the game after your free weekend comes to an end.

Bohemia mentions that this free weekend comes just a short time after the game received its 1.07 update. This update apparently focused on things like fixing bugs, making tweaks, and optimizing the game's performance. There were also some additional pieces of content introduced in the update. This content includes a new weapon (Repeater Carbine) and different ammo types for other weapons. It also added in a new section to the playable map: Amusement Parks. Apparently more than one park was added.

More details on what 1.07 added and changed can be seen in the full patch notes.

Bohemia Interactive also wants to point out to potential fans that DayZ took home Steam's "Better with Friends" award for The Steam Awards 2019. This winner was selected by every day Steam users like you, or you, or even you. It beat out the other user nominated games of Risk of Rain 2, DOTA Underlords, Age of Empires II, and Ring of Elysium. I'm sure they were just as surprised as we were when that was revealed.

About DayZ
The post-soviet country of Chernarus is struck by an unknown virus, turning the majority population into frenzied infected. Fighting over resources has bred a hostile mentality among survivors, driving what’s left of humanity to collapse. You are one of the few immune to the virus - how far will you go to survive?

DayZ is an unforgiving, authentic, open world sandbox online game where each one of 60 players on a server follows a single goal – to survive as long as they can, by all means necessary. Every decision matters – with no save games, and no extra lives, every mistake can be lethal. If you die, you lose everything and start over