New post-game story content is now available.
Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind

Those on the PlayStation 4 that own Kingdom hearts 3 can now pick up and play the Re Mind DLC. This content is accessible only after the core game has been completed. Re Mind adds in a new playable episode with Sora.

Players will battle through Sora's friends' perspective and "uncover new truths along the way." There are several new boss battles to tackle. This includes 13 boss battles in the Limitcut episode, and a boss battle in the Secret Episode. Not much of a secret if you just told us all about it, eh?

There will also be a new Data Greeting mode, slideshow feature, and a "Premium Menu" mode that includes ways to customize difficulty settings and even offers up new gameplay challenges.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC is out now for the PlayStation 4 for $29.99 (USD). There is also a bundle that includes Re Mind plus footage from the Kingdom Hearts - World of Tres - Orchestra concert from Osaka, Japan. This bundle is $10 more at $39.99.

You got an Xbox and want this DLC? You'll have to wait until February 25, 2020. Also, Square Enix passes along word that they're working on some new Kingdom Hearts mobile content. It'll be an original story centered around Young Xehanort. This game is currently in development.

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