The demo still isn't even announced yet btw.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake - President

Despite the demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake still not being officially out yet, let alone even being announced, that hasn't stopped the leaks from flowing like the Nile. As 2019 came to a close, we were treated to the opening intro video for the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo.

Since then, people have already recorded their entire play through of this demo and uploaded it to YouTube. Since that people have also datamined the content of the demo to find some content related to the full game. This includes a look at some of the characters not yet shown off in any of the trailers, in addition to some story beats. There are full plot spoilers already starting to surface because of this demo and data mining. If you really want to seek it out for yourself, it's pretty easy to find on YouTube. To note, there are some changes made to the story from the original 1997 release.

As this data mining continued, fans have also discovered bits that seem to indicate that work has already begun on the PC port of Final Fantasy VII Remake. This probably isn't terribly surprising to anyone. It's long been expected that Final Fantasy VII Remake wasn't going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive forever. At best, it's a timed exclusive (which still sucks) for maybe around a year before other platforms can get it. This was pretty much confirmed when Square Enix quietly updated the game's box art.

The data mining really hammers home that a PC version is not only coming but also already being worked on. The information discovered shows off higher resolution options in the code. In addition there are references made to both AMD and Nvidia.

Of course, just like the demo itself, a PC version hasn't even been officially announced yet.