Welcome to the Honeybee Inn.
Final Fantasy VII Remake - Aerith dress

Square Enix just released a bunch of new media for Final Fantasy VII Remake, their upcoming PlayStation 4 timed exclusive. Included in today's new media release is the first in a series of videos that will give fans and potential fans a "deep-dive into the creation of one of the most anticipated video games of all time."

Specifically, this video series will include interviews with the game's developers, artists, and creators. It also gives you an extra look at some of the deep, dark, secrets behind the Final Fantasy VII Remake. This includes looks at the game's story, characters, combat, and action. It also includes a look at the creation of the game's music and visual design. Included in the first video is information from the following team members:
  • Yoshinori Kitase (Producer)
  • Tetsuya Nomura (Director & Concept Design)
  • Kazushige Nojima (Story & Scenario)
  • Naoki Hamaguchi (Co-Director – Game Design / Programming)
  • Motomu Toriyama (Co-Director – Scenario Design)
The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo is presently available for those of you with a PlayStation 4. Keep in mind that this game seems like it will be a one-year timed exclusive on the PlayStation platform. After that time, there's no saying where exactly this game will end up. Maybe it will go to Xbox. Maybe to the PC. Maybe both. Maybe none. Maybe it'll end up on Stadia, if it's still around in a year. The sky is truly the limit.

Also revealed today were some new screenshots from the game. You can find the images below, or you can read some brief explanations on what you're looking at courtesy of Square Enix themselves. Included in the assortment of images are looks at Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith during the events of the Honeybee Inn. We also get a look at Don Corneo, the owner of the Honeybee Inn. Also included are some environmental shots of Wall Market, Beginner's Hall, and the Honeybee Inn itself. Other character shots include looks at Tseng, the leader of the Turks, plus looks at Andrea Rhodea, Leslie Kyle, Madam M, and Chocobo Sam.

If you aren't sure who some of those characters are, you aren't alone. It certainly seems like there are a few more named NPCs that are new to the remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is out on April 10 for the PlayStation 4.