One of the best action-RPGs of all time is seeing a big resurgence.
The Witcher 3

In the four years following its release, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt never saw player counts as high as they have been in the past week. Since the release of The Witcher series on Netflix, there seems to have been a big resurgence in a general interest in the franchise.

Though the Netflix series has gotten some rather mixed reviews from critics (59%), the audience seems to love it to the tune of a 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes. This has undoubtedly gone a long way to pulling back in old fans who want to replay one of the best action-RPGs of the decade. It has also probably done a lot to pull in entirely new players that want to experience even more from this world that they were introduced to through the show.

Earlier today, The Witcher 3 release on Steam saw an all-time peak player high of 94,651 people playing at the same time. The previous record goes way back to late May 2015 shortly after the game was released on Steam. It was then that the peak hit 92,266 players according to SteamDB.

Though the Netflix series is probably a huge factor in the player resurgence, there is another factor at work. The Witcher 3 is currently on sale for 70% off on Steam. That means you can get the base game for just $11.99 (USD) or the Game of the Year Edition that also includes the expansions for just $14.99.

For those that are returning to the game, you may want to slap on a few mods on to change your gameplay experience up a bit. Even if you don't select any gameplay altering mods, you may as well try out something like The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project, which bumps almost every texture up to a nice 4K version. This is especially nice to have if you have a beefy gaming rig and are playing at higher resolutions than you played at four years prior.

Even if you had this mod previously, you may want to grab the latest 10.0 release that came out this past August. It features a number of improved and additional textures compared to even the prior 5.1 version from July 2018. I haven't yet tried the 10.0 release (though I am downloading it now), but the 5.1 release was already fantastic.

Though the numbers aren't available for the console releases of the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and even the Switch, I have to imagine they are also seeing a nice resurgence in players since the release of the Netflix series. There is also no telling just how much of a surge sales of The Witcher books have seen either.