A new Friend Pass system was just added to the co-op horror game.
Man of Medan

Bandai Namco just announced today that Man of Medan now has a Friend's Pass system available on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This means that all you need in order to play the game with a friend is a friend. That friend should probably also have an Internet connection and also play on the same platform that you do.

The publisher says that anybody that owns the game or purchases it before January 6, 2020 will be granted one complimentary Friend's Pass. This pass allows you and a friend one full playthrough of the Shared Story Mode.

Those on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One who want to redeem the Friend's Pass will need to download the Man of Medan Free Trial. The friend that owns the game simply needs to invite the other to play the Shared Story Mode.

If you want to play through Steam, apparently it's a bit too involved for a press release to share. They have instead put up a separate announcement on their Steam page that details how it works. Not only that, but they also released a video if the written instructions weren't clear enough. This may or may not involve actual rocket science here, so fair warning on that.

And now, let’s go into the Friend’s Pass activation process. To get started, open the second version of The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan application. Then, from the following pop-up, copy the serial number and send it to the friend of your choice.

Your friend will then need to register the activation code on Steam.

Once your friend is registered and has downloaded and installed the Man of Medan application too, you can start the game.

From inside your game, select "Play," then "Shared Story," then invite your friend from the interface that pops up.

Your friend will need to start the Man of Medan application, click “Play,” then click "Play Game” when your invitation pops up in the Steam Client.

When you choose which character you want to play, the Shared Story will begin.

What happens next is up to the two of you.