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System Shock 3 SHODAN

A new teaser for System Shock 3 serves to remind us that SHODAN is alive and well and still hates every fiber of your being. The new footage is billed as pre-alpha but it does finally provide a better look at how the long-awaited sequel is shaping up from developer OtherSide.

Warren Spector is still working on System Shock 3's development with OtherSide. Unfortunately for fans, System Shock 3 still doesn't have a release date. It has been in development since at least the end of 2015. Right now it seems as though the team is looking for publishing partners. However, they do say that they are able to self-publish if one isn't found. Somewhere, Tim Sweeney's ears just perked up.

Though the game has been in development for about four years, a lot of that development came under the direction of Starbreeze. In February, OtherSide bought back the publishing rights from Starbreeze.