Fans of the Dragon Age games should be excited.

Spiders Studio is almost ready to release their latest RPG, GreedFall. This upcoming fantasy RPG may excite some viewers that have been champing at the bit for a game that had the feel of a new Dragon Age game. With the release just a few days away on September 10, we'll soon see if GreedFall is able to fill that growing void or not.

Today's launch trailer gives potential players a look at the mysterious island of Teer Fradee. You will meet some of the island's inhabitants, some native to the island and others who are new settlers. Of course, their fate rests in your hands. Will you be their hero? Merely an impartial explorer? Or a diplomat that tries to bring peace to warring factions?

GreedFall allows you to decide who to take with you on your many quests. Each companion has their own personality and skill set. You can also customize every aspect of your gear and your own set of skills.

GreedFall is out on September 10, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-orders for GreedFall are available now.

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