So many traditional games that have been played for centuries got their online versions as soon as that was made possible by technology. Some of the online variants became more popular than their conventional counterparts, other games weren’t as successful, but it is clear that the internet changed the way we look at games and gaming in general.

Bingo is a game that many thought wouldn’t do well online. In fact, when the first online bingo sites were launched more than 15 years ago, many thought that online bingo will never become a trend, but will remain more of a fringe, some sort of a substitute for land-based bingo that takes place at conventional bingo halls that will never reach a similar degree of popularity.

It seems that even the most enthusiastic and most optimistic fans of online bingo didn’t think that the online version, i.e. versions of the game will be as popular, if not more popular than conventional bingo.

Key Features Of Online Bingo
Bingo is a global game, but some may not know that it comes with at least few regional variants. Players in the UK and the US didn’t use to play the same bingo variant, at least until the emergence of online bingo when this opportunity became possible.

The variant that is most renowned and most played in the UK is 90-ball bingo, whereas Americans are more accustomed to 75-ball bingo. Many players in both countries weren’t aware that on the other side of the pond, bingo fans had a different idea of what bingo is.

If you’re playing bingo online, you will have a chance to switch between 75-ball and 90-ball bingo, without any hassle, in a matter of minutes. That is the first advantage of online bingo in comparison with conventional bingo. Most bingo halls offer just one version of bingo, and there aren’t too many options regarding ticket prices and potential prizes either.

Online bingo sites on the other hand feature several, if not dozens of rooms where you can play a wide range of bingo variants, including traditional 90-ball bingo, traditional 75-ball bingo, as well as modern twists on these games. At most online sites you will also be able to choose from a variety of branded games, including bingo variants based on popular slots, as well as TV programs and shows.

Branded Bingo Variants And Side Games
One particular instance of a bingo game based on a TV show is the Deal or No Deal bingo, after there has been a slot game based on the same show. Britain’s Got Talent is another example of a popular show that got turned into a bingo game.

Furthermore, in addition to branded bingo variants, there are many new bingo versions that aren’t as traditional as 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo. 80-ball bingo is perhaps the most common unusual variant, that many classify as a combination of 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo.
30-ball bingo is one fast and dynamic variant, and then we also have joker bingo as well as Coverall bingo, a special variant of 75-ball bingo.

The social aspect of conventional bingo was the aspect where many felt online bingo would fail. However, it turned out that online bingo can capture the social aspect of conventional bingo and quite well too. With its various chat games, and prize draws, online bingo providers a lot of excitement for online bingo fans, as well as an option to socialize with other players.