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Bingo has been a staple pastime in our society since the 16th century, although it has greatly progressed through the years. In fact, now some of the most popular online Bingo games are leaps and bounds ahead of the brick-and-mortar version of the much-loved classic.

If you love a good game of Bingo, but want to give your guests something a little bit different to spice up your gameplay, then keep reading as we take you through some of our top tips and tricks.

#1 – Try different themes and styles of Bingo game.
Whilst the original edition of the game can give you and your guests hours of fun, why not try one of the newer themed versions, or make up one of your own? Hop online and you’ll find a whole host of different themed Bingo games, ranging from Deal or no Deal to the Rainbow Riches franchise, that’ll give your game nights an extra little twist.

Alternatively, you can easily come up with your own personalised versions of the game. You could come up with more prizes to be won in each game – in addition to the first row, two rows and a full house. For example, you could construct prizes for covering all four corner boxes on a Bingo ticket or perhaps an extra prize for getting a diagonal line of crossed off numbers.

#2 – Incorporate food into Bingo games.
Adding in food to your games can always keep players that little bit more interested. We suggest using small sweets such as M&Ms or Skittles as counters, to mark off your numbers. Then, each time you win a prize, you get to eat all the sweets along that line. How’s that for a bit of motivation?!

#3 – Customise the Bingo cards.
There are multiple ways to make your Bingo cards your own. If you’re playing in Autumn, you could change the game to A-C-O-R-N and have your new “Acorn” cards reflect that.

You can also opt for matching up symbols instead of numbers. For example, an Irish-themed Bingo game could have tickets filled with four leaf clovers, leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows and pints of Guinness – just to name a few!

Instead of the standard grid-style Bingo cards, you can also draw out various shapes that will contain the numbers. Of course, this may mean you have to come up with new ways to win, if a straight line isn’t possible, but we’re sure that fun will still be on the cards!

#4 – Amp up the prize pot.
If you’re a regular Bingo host, then why not wow your guests by boosting the prizes on offer. If you usually hand out one chocolate bar, then this time, why not make that two! Out of five rounds of Bingo, making just one of those a “double-prize” affair, we’re sure that all your players will be just that little bit more interested!

#5 – Human Bingo
With this, you can fill the squares on your tickets with characteristics instead of numbers. For example: favourite colours or food and hair or eye colour, if you’re wanting to keep it simple. If someone on your table, or even in the room, matches any of the criteria, then you can cross it off!