Breaking the Moulds: Which Game Types Are More Appealing to Women


  • Breaking the Moulds: Which Game Types Are More Appealing to Women

    In the past two decades, the gambling realm has taken massive developmental strides that have seen it reach far more people than it did before. To begin with, gambling was previously regarded as an activity set aside for men. Walking into most location-based casinos, one would see the massive imbalance in the genders that were engaged in the various indulgences that were offered. Additionally, one has to go out and look for a physical location to gamble in if they craved the indulgence. Fast forward to this moment, and things have changed incredibly. The gaming scene has seen a lot more women join the platform than there ever was before; this has happened in two decades that online gambling and the shift in gender roles.

    The provision of casinos and games has allowed online gaming software developers and gaming destinations to reach gamers with much more ease than before; this has allowed the industry to amass a fan base in the millions. Since most women have confessed to preferring gambling in the comfort of their own location, the online platform allowed a lot more of them to engage in the activity. The number of women betting has significantly increased, and research indicates that this gender accounts for forty-six percent of all gamblers on the wide web.

    This massive increase in the number of female gamers has promoted the provision of gambling destinations that are specially formulated to meet their needs. Pink Casino stands as one of the best destinations that serve this purpose. This has been especially pushed by the fact that women prefer certain game categories over others in comparison to the male gender. Therefore, these betting establishments provide what women would prefer in plenty in comparison to other conventional gaming sites. Here we look at some of the game categories that women find most appealing when playing in online casinos:
    • Bingo

    It is considered that most women prefer games that come with easy playability over those that demand the use of skill. Therefore, it is no surprise that bingo lands at the top of the women’s most preferred games considering how simple the game is to play. Additionally, when bingo was invented, it was made for the enjoyment of women rather than men, which goes to further explain the preference. According to research, bingo stands as the most preferred game among women in comparison to all other games. For this reason, most female casinos come with a decent variation of the game.

    Bingo has been in existence for over a century and has not lost its touch with gamers. The game involves various numbered balls, and the player is handed a card with the numbers indicated in it randomly. One ball is then drawn at a time, and the player has to scratch it off on their card. The first one to achieve a pattern either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally gets to win the stated prize. Some casinos allow a win when the player has achieved no pattern at all once all the numbers have been called.

    Like most other casino games, this one has seen various suits produced over the years. Some of the most popular ones include thirty ball bingo, seventy-five ball bingo, eighty ball bingo, ninety ball bingo, game show bingo, progressive bingo, and many more.
    • Slots

    Slots are the most played games in gambling destinations and carry among the simplest gameplay procedures. Therefore, it falls on the list of women’s most preferred games. The casino game has been around for about a little over one hundred years and has seen its popularity grow to gain a large following of both women and men. The games come with a playing grid that has rows and reels, mostly bearing a three by three or a five by three arrangement. This playing grid has win lines that run across it in different arrangements. Specific icon combinations falling in these lines as specified in the paytable trigger a payout. As much as the base game features strategy application, a bonus round can be included to spice up gameplay and skill may be required. Even so, it is not as intense as the one witnessed in games like blackjack and poker.

    Even though nearly all slot games come with similar gameplay, they come in different shapes and sizes such as classic slots, video slots, 3D slots, progressive slots, etc. The games also come with different themes that present a storyline to break the monotony of spinning the reels. Some of the commonly used themes include history, movie stars, music genres, popular films, TV shows, retro games, and many more. Such themes can be enjoyed in a wide array of choices in the various slot categories mentioned above. These games are provided in real money versions. Free demo modes are also made available for those not willing to risk their cash.
    • Betting on sports

    This category holds a wide range of games that are not necessarily conventional casino games. Some of the games included in sports betting include football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, swimming, horse racing, and many more. These games mostly involve real players in the field, and people get to place wagers on the team or individual they think will come out on top. The percentage of women that bet in sports matches that of those that place stakes in slots.

    In Brief

    Women mostly may enjoy these games, but that does not stop men from having their fun with them too. Games like slots and sports betting are also known to be popular among men.
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