See why the devs call GreedFall a "true RPG."

Developer Spiders is still hard at work on their upcoming RPG, GreedFall. Of course, this didn't stop them from providing a big, new gameplay overview trailer for their game. They feel as though GreedFall is a "worthy RPG" and a "true RPG."

Those phrases probably don't mean much to more casual gamers, but perhaps you'll have a better understanding after you check out the trailer below.

GreedFall allows you to craft your own character. You will get a unique set of starting skills, attributes, and talents to get you started. You can specialize in one field or try to become a jack of all trades. A "deep crafting system" will let you customize the look and stats of your gear to suit your playstyle.

Combat is also handled in a similar fashion. You can either use big, heavy weapons or a sword to parry and riposte your way to victory. Perhaps you'd rather utilize traps and magic instead. It's all up to you.

GreedFall is slated to be released on September 10, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Tackle combat in GreedFall in your own way: overwhelm foes with heavy weapons, use your sword to parry and riposte with expert flair, or dominate the battlefield with traps and magic. The game’s optional tactical pause menu allows you to choose your next moves strategically. Your party members will follow you into battle, but remember they’re people with their own hopes, goals and motives. Say or do the wrong thing and their loyalty to you could waver, or even turn entirely.

Your decisions will shape the future of the new world and old, and GreedFall gives you the freedom to make them. Use your diplomatic talents to influence the powerful elite, don the armor of an enemy faction to infiltrate their ranks, and decide the fates of many across a variety of far-reaching quests.