This seems unnecessary.
PUBG Season 4

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a battle royale game that came out in 2017 as an Early Access title. In all this time, nobody once seriously questioned why 100 people were jumping out of an airplane to murder each other in remote locations. Apparently, somebody at PUBG Corp. finally raised that question because the game is getting a backstory for its upcoming fourth season.

It is every bit as unnecessary as you are probably imagining it to be. An official "Season 4 Cinematic Trailer" for PUBG opens with a shot of a boy. This boy is the sole survivor of some unspecified battle or war. That boy was Albert Einstein grows up to become a man. A man that is obsessed with survival. A survival obsessed man that organizes a battle royale for... reasons?

Presumably this is all done as a form of entertainment for the boy turned man. It's also probably the boy turned man that makes all sorts of crazy clothes available for the survivors to wear. It, presumably, amuses this boy turned man greatly. Hm, yes.

Anyway, stupid story stuff aside, Season 4 of PUBG is bringing the biggest change yet to Erangel. This was the first map ever released for PUBG and it was long overdue for a full overhaul. The updated version of Erangel is live right now on the PC test server. Those changes, and more, are detailed in this update 4.1 overview provided by the PUBG team. This update, along with Season 4, will begin on July 24.

The video below highlights many of the changes being made to Erangel. The team looks like they're trying to add some "history" to the map. Maybe that history ties into that boy turned man? My God, it's all coming together.