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Conan Exiles Warmaker

Funcom released a free update for Conan Exiles today that adds in an all-new dungeon, new items, revamped areas, and provides some balancing tweaks. This update is out now for the PC, but the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases will be along "soon."

This new dungeon is called The Warmaker's Sanctuary and it allegedly includes "some of the toughest foes to date" in addition to a battle against The Warmaker's Champion. This marks the fourth dungeon released for the game since it launched a year ago now.

Funcom says that they have also updated several areas of the game with new loot, recipes, and bosses. There are also updated mechanics such as the temperature system. These updates led to better balancing and "more intuitive functionality."

You can see more about The Warmaker on the Conan Exiles blog.

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Key Features:
  • New dungeon: The Warmaker’s Sanctuary
  • Population revamp of faction capitals and caves
  • New loot and recipes
  • Temperature system update
  • Agility and Survival attributes have been buffed
  • ncreased stack sizes for some resources
  • Various balance changes
  • A host of bugfixes