All of the Funcom Conan games are free this weekend on Steam.
Conan free Steam weekend

Funcom is offering up a free weekend for all of their Conan titles that are available right now on Steam. They're doing this both as a celebration of the Conan franchise and "in order to display the evolution of all three titles." Fair play, Funcom. Fair play.

The free games being offered up for this free weekend include the survival focused Conan Exiles. It also includes the older MMO, Age of Conan: Unchained. It also includes the more recently released RTS, Conan Unconquered.

All three of these games can be found on the Funcom developer page on Steam. You can alternatively take a look at the games on this special sale page.

This free weekend lasts until September 23. All three games are also going to be on sale during this time, all of which are being offered at different discount amounts. Conan Exiles is 50% off and Conan Unconquered is 30% off of its normal $29.99 (USD) price. Age of Conan's base game is already free to play but this weekend will offer a 60% discount if you want to pick up the Hyborian Conqueror Collection which includes all four paid game expansions and a vanity item.