A fortnight of Fortnite.
Fortnite 14 days of Summer

Today marks the start of Fortnite's "14 Days of Summer" event. Epic Games says that for each day, players can drop into Fortnite for something new. This event applies to both the still fairly popular Battle Royale mode and the less popular, but still enjoyable, Save the World mode.

In Battle Royale a new item will be unvaulted every day for 24 hours. There is going to be a new "LTM" featured each day. This is in addition to new daily challenges and free wards. There are also going to be new outfits "and more" featured in the item shop. I don't know what "LTM" is, but I'm assuming those that play the game will know. Maybe it's "Limited Time Mode" or somesuch. And hey, be sure to keep using the Fortnite affiliate/partner code "zips" at checkout if you buy V-Bucks. It does help the site out.

Those who enjoy Save the World will get a new quest to complete every day. These quests will "help Homebase host the hottest summer party around," which allows you to snag some free Summer items from the store. Those that complete quests will get to earn Summer Tickets. If you complete all 14 quests, you will unlock a new explosive weapon.

The full list of LTMs and limited-time content can be found at the Fortnite website.

For those that are somehow unaware, a "fortnight" is a period of two weeks, or 14 days. Get it? A fortnight of Fortnite. It's clever.

Things aren't all sunshine and surf for Fortnite. The latest report from Nielsen company, SuperData Research, points to a rather significant decline in the Fortnite community. Specifically, they note that in Season 9, Fortnite has made $203 million across all platforms during May. This is actually up from the month of April 2019 but is down 38% from May 2018. Those playing on consoles are Fortnite's bread and butter, making up the largest share of players and revenues.