It's taken almost six years.
GTA Online casino

Finally. Finally, the casino is coming to GTA Online. That big ol' building has been sitting north of Los Santos doing absolutely nothing for almost six years now. Its front was adorned with a "Opening Soon!" sign for literally years. Now, it looks like some big changes are finally coming. If you go to the area now, you may see some little odds and ends out front of the Casino's main entrance.

I'm talking about a dumpster, some building materials, even a few work signs. Data miners dug a bit deeper and saw that even bigger changes are about to happen. A GTA data miner going by the name of TezFunz2 shared his findings with the world.

TezFunz2 says that he found some strings of code that lay out a plan for the casino. They say that over the next few weeks more construction related props will appear. This will continue weekly throughout most of June. The current speculation is that this is all leading to a big "grand opening" for the casino some time later this month or in July.

Rockstar's other major online title, Red Dead Online, recently got an update that added various poker games that players could enjoy.

The before and after image comparison at the top of this post is from S0UNDH0UND on Reddit.