The Dark Pictures Man of Medan Dev Diary 2.jpg

The second developer diary for The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan is here. To be more precise, today marks the release of the first part of the second developer diary for the upcoming horror title from Supermassive Games.

Today's latest diary video is entitled "A Watery Grave" and it explores the creation of the motion and sound that aims to immerse players into the game world.

The Dark Pictures - Man of Medan is slated to be released this Summer for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. It's been in development from Supermassive Games for some time now. For those that maybe need some idea about what to expect, you should look no further than Until Dawn. This was another title from Supermassive that falls within the same adventure horror genre that Man of Medan seems to be aiming for.

From detailed boat movement animations that correspond with character movement on the boat, to recording actual sounds of a boat traveling at speed and crashing against the waves, realism and accuracy work in concert to take players into the game world and provide heart pounding moments for players to enjoy.