TERA Shore Hold update

The PC release of TERA has some new PvP focused content available today. The latest "Shore Hold" update adds in a new PvP Battleground in addition to some new gear sets for their action leaning MMORPG.

This new battleground is a 7v7 affair that they're appropriately calling Shore Hold. The battleground includes "shorter resurrection times, buff-generating mana stones, and other exciting features." There are also not one but three new gear sets for PvP players to earn and wear. In addition, a PvE Training Ground area was added with a DPS meter that allows players to test out their skills and rotations. This update is also said to include the return of the Shadow Sanguinary dungeon with some updated rewards for players.

The Shore Hold battleground is built to get players into the action immediately. There are two main objectives in the Shore Hold battleground: capture pyres and fight a cave-dwelling monster. Both goals force players to plan ahead, react quickly, and manage their time well, as spending too much time focusing on one objective leaves others vulnerable.

This update’s changes to PvP gear acquisition now allow players to use new Bellicarium credits to acquire three different types of gear: Disciplinary, Harmonic, and Impregnable. Although this new gear does not use equipment crystals or produce set bonuses, it features unique PvP-only enchantment effects, including enemy stat reduction, damage reflection, slowing effects and more. These new items can make or break a battle, so customizing loadouts with this new gear is a must.

Players can also checkout a brand new solo instance, the Training Ground. Complete with a new DPS meter, the Training Ground lets players reset fights to adjust or change gear, supplies them with virtual thralls, and allows for a collection of buffs to simulate an active party, all to create an effective personal training session for either solo or group play. Players must be level-65 to start a solo instance in a private vault, and they can enter by approaching Whurloc in Highwatch.
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