Hitman 2 December 2018 roadmap
A new HITMAN 2 infodump is here complete with a look at the upcoming content roadmap and an all-new "How to Hitman" video. This month, Hitman 2 will get new Contracts, Escalations, and the next Elusive Target.
New Featured Contracts: Occupational Hazards (Available Now)New Escalation Contract: The Aelwin Augment (Dec. 13)Holiday Surprise! (Dec. 18)New Elusive Target: The Revolutionary (Dec. 21)Elusive Target Rewards blog postNew Escalation: The Turms Infatuation (Dec. 27)

And of course we have the latest and last installment in the "How to Hitman" video series. This one is called "Hidden in Plain Sight" and it shows you how you can effectively hide ... in plain sight. Yeah, it's kind of stating the obvious here.