PlayStation Now
PlayStation Now is Sony's online streaming service that allows you to pay to play a variety of PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 titles. Up until now, the only way to play these PlayStation Now titles was to stream the games online. You can understand how this might be an issue if your Internet connection sucks.

It is perhaps a good thing that Sony just announced that PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 4 titles offered through PlayStation Now can now be downloaded locally to your system! This should eliminate any response latency and other issues related to streaming games online. Sadly, this doesn't apply to PlayStation 3 titles.

Sony does note that not "all" PS4 titles are included in this but they don't specify which ones aren't.

This update is rolling out over the next couple of days for PlayStation Now subscribers.

In addition, there is a special Summer promotional price going on for PlayStation Now. You can get a full month for $9.99 (USD) if you are a new subscriber only. A full year comes in at $99.99. PlayStation Plus members can get a three month pass for $29.99 (regularly $44.99). There is also the 7-day long free trial.