Wildlands Special Operations 2
Tomorrow, July 24 will see some new content hit Ghost Recon Wildlands. This content includes a new PvE Ghost Mode, new PvP classes, maps, and features, and a new PvE crossover mission featuring some Operators from Rainbow Six Siege.
When Caveira, an elite Brazilian Operator, goes missing, Rainbow fears she's up to her old criminal ways. Intelligence agent Valkyrie has tracked her to Bolivia, and enlists the help of the Ghosts, along with nearby Operator Twitch, to find Caveira and discover out what's really going on.

That's the short gist of what's going on with this new PvE crossover mission. This is all part of Special Operation 2 that launches July 24. Special Operation 2 is free to all Ghost Recon Wildlands players.

Here's a bit more about that Ghost Mode that's coming.