Battlefield 1 Peacemaker
Yet another big Battlefield 1 mystery has been solved, this time leading players to unlocking the unique Peacekeeper revolver weapon. In order to even have a chance of unlocking this weapon, you had to have completed one of the previous Easter eggs hidden in the game that awarded you a dog tag. In addition, you also had to complete a different secret that gave you a special weapon skin for the Support class.

So you do that, then you do some stuff in the River Somme map that involves Morse code and the series of numbers 0627. Then you need to find a switch hidden in a building, then some more number stuff in a console. This reveals a dog tag that leads you to the Caporetto map and some angel statues. You have to shoot off certain body parts on each statue to get another dog tag. Those with this new dog tag were able to uncover a hidden underground maze on Passchendaele. But take a wrong turn in this maze and you die, so you may want to be careful. Successful navigation of the maze leads you to the Peacemaker revolver.

I obviously glossed over a ton of details here, but Jackfrags can give you a more in-depth look at the process of earning the gun, plus a look at the Peacemaker itself. The video is over 12 minutes long and a significant portion of it is taken up by showing you the steps taken to earn the gun. So yeah, most casual players probably aren't going to get this any time soon.

If you would rather just look at the reload and Revolver Ocelot-like idle animations of the Peacemaker, you can find that video below.