inXile Entertainment announced a special 30th anniversary bundle today for Wasteland. This bundle will include the original game in addition to the first content for Wasteland 3. Wasteland 3 won't be out fully until very late in 2019.
Items in the Wasteland 30th Anniversary Edition Bundle include:
o Wasteland 3 Music Track "Frozen Waste"
o Wasteland 2 Novella: All Bad Things
o Wasteland 2 Novella: The Earth Transformed Ghost Book One
o Wasteland 2 Novella: Death Machines Ghost Book Two
o Wasteland 2 Concept Art Book
o Wasteland 2 Choir Songs EP
o Wasteland 2 Original Soundtrack

The bundle, available through Steam, will go for $44.99 (USD) with a 10% launch window discount. When Wasteland - 30th Anniversary Edition is released, it will be added to the libraries of existing owners for free. The Wasteland remaster is still being worked on and will be released in early 2019. Once that's completed it will also be added for free to the libraries of everyone that own the bundle.