Battleborn Community Weekend


  • Battleborn Community Weekend

    If I were to tell you that Battleborn has a new four-day community weekend coming up, what would you say? You'd probably laugh, right? Well, I looked it up and apparently there's still like 50 some people playing that game on PC, which is 49 more players than what you would find playing LawBreakers right now. Crazy, right?

    Gearbox has some stuff coming to those current players and any player who decides to once again fire up the game.
    Battleborn Day 4 is coming! The community run event kicks off on May 4th, and we’re bringing a little something extra to the table!

    The fun begins Friday at 2pm PT/5pm ET and runs until Monday, May 7th at 8am PT/11am ET! Read on to find out what we’ve got planned!

    • Lootpocalypse
    - Boss Drop Rate Adjustment: 50% (Normal) 75% (Advanced)
    - Champion and Elite enemy drop rate adjustment
    - Champions drop all gear rarities and Elites drop more uncommons
    - All enemies and bosses drop more higher rarity Gear

    • Increased chance of getting Gear with Flair from Faction, Core, Magnus, and Legendary loot packs.
    • Legendary Loot Packs available for purchase
    • Login Rewards
    - 1 Fireworks Finisher
    - 1 Loot Boost
    - 1 Double XP Boost
    - 1 Magnus Loot Pack

    • Login reward skins:
    - Ambra – The Will to Power (Gold)
    - Miko – Our Brightest Colors (Gold)
    - Deande – Intelligence (Gold)
    - Benedict – Quoth the Raven (Cyber)
    - Kid Ultra – Heximus Rex (Cyber)
    - Kleese – Maddest Scientist (Cyber)

    • Skins and Taunts sale – 25% Off
    • All characters on Free Rotation

    Thanks to community members MentalMars, NatsumeRyu, Beya, Lowlines, JoesOs, and to everyone who helped organize this Battleborn Day! We hope everyone has fun fighting for Solus!
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