According to a report from Avast, nearly 50,000 Minecraft users could be infected with malware that was installed when they downloaded a number of skins from the official Minecraft website. Just in the past ten days alone, Avast notes that they have blocked 14,500 infection attempts.

According to Avast, these skins had a malicious Powershell script embedded in the image. This script, while unimpressive in the grand scheme of things, could format your hard drive, affect performance, or even cause various messages to appear in their account inbox such as "You Are Nailed, Buy A New Computer This Is A Piece Of Shit" or "You have maxed your internet usage for a lifetime."

Though the code may be unimpressive, the fact that these skins made their way onto the official Minecraft website without any issue is impressive. Avast says that they have contacted Mojang about the matter. Mojang is reportedly working on fixing the vulnerability.

If you think you downloaded any of the skins that were infected (including three examples in the top image), you should immediately scan your computer with an antivirus program. Avast does note that in some cases users may have to reinstall Minecraft. In other cases, if the damage is already done those users should probably reformat their computer and start with a fresh install of Windows just to be safe.