It's like everyone these days is just trying to ape a page from my playbook, I swear. In the latest "announcement of an announcement" series, Io-Interactive announced that they will have something to announce later this month for HITMAN.

Sadly, their pre-announcement announcement says that what they're announcing isn't "Season 2" for HITMAN. Cue the sad music now.
Looking Ahead: Save The Date!

Thankfully, this pre-announcement announcement includes some additional goodies. Here they are now along with the opening image of this post for those that don't like reading a lot of words.
Arriving October 13th
10 new Featured Contracts
You create Contracts and we feature the interesting, clever or creative ones. There is no perfect formula to explain how we select the contracts, but they have caught our attention for one reason or another. Got something you think is worth featuring? Join the conversation on Hitman Forum.

Master Scarecrow Challenge PackArriving Later in October
Our next batch of 10 player-curated Featured Contracts